Supercoherence Return To Love

The Supercoherence Return to Love process and Program are the end result of an extraordinary journey which has taken fifteen years. It started when my life was reduced to dust and ashes and then was remade by an extreme Intelligence that today I call the 7th sense. It was a classic case of crisis to coherence or meltdown to miracle.

In  May 1995 through a series of extraordinary events I came across an extraordinary human – had one fateful conversation over the phone and the trajectory of my life was changed forever.  The story is briefly told in Supercoherence – The 7th Sense the book I wrote about this adventure. I am a sucker for the new and the extraordinary and this system captivated and engaged me in a way that nothing else ever had or has in this life.  For the first time I understood what my soul’s journey was about.

The winds of change have reached gale force speeds and all of us are feeling the brunt. Today we live in crazy times as the old order collapses and everything we had taken for granted is being systematically destroyed before our eyes.  How can you and I deal with the cataclysmic and catastrophic rate of change and hold ourselves together.  Panic, fear and chronic stress are constant companions as job security becomes a  nonsense and relationships are strained to breaking point.

Where has all the lightness and laughter gone?

The answers to our problems lie in another realm – a realm of miracles – where the rules of reality as humans have known them for thousands of years – are turned on their head. We have entered and in fact are squarely in the middle of a new world age. Some call it the Information age.  I call it the Light-Energy-Information Age where cataclysmic change and extraordinary opportunities exist at one and the same time.

The “Return to Love”  process is a magical, miraculous process which is simple, extremely powerful, universal and safe. It came about in a nonlinear way and I can take very little credit for it. A “Star Trek” technology, a miraculous photo, encoded zero point frequencies and some secret info tools came together and super alchemy was the result.   Supercoherence is the secret master code where love and light come together with extreme precision and can restore each human to their pristine pure state of innocence, love, trust and truth – at the speed of light.

The Supercoherence Frequency tools are 21st century solutions for 21st century challenges. They are frequency encodings embedded in glass by a special proprietary method. They work on a different principle and understanding. Their purpose is to strengthen the light-energy-information field of the user by creating coherence in their field. Visual coherence is a new, universal 21st century master parameter of wholeness and human function.

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