Divine Mother

The Divine Mother and the Supercoherence Return To Love Frequencies

Divine Mother

This beautiful photo was gifted to me by a client who is also a good friend. What makes it poignant is that she was adopted and has never known her birth mother.

The story goes that this “miraculous” photo of Mary was taken at the shrine of San Damiano in northern Italy by a pilgrim in the early seventies. He said that the Divine Mother appeared to him and asked him to point his camera at the sky and take a photograph. He did this with his Polaroid camera and this was the picture that was revealed when the photograph was developed.

I looked at the photo and was touched by it. I saw the sweet innocent face full of tenderness and gentleness and the only feeling that I could associate with it was love, an unconditional and tender love which all of us long for, yet is hard for most of us to find in the “real” world we all live in.

I was also intrigued. As I work with an extraordinary imaging system called VRIC which also uses a Polaroid camera, and allows me to take some very unusual photos, I did not particularly doubt or disbelieve the story behind the photo. I have to say that just a few years ago, before my reality was turned upside down by the Luminator and VRIC imaging, I would have dismissed it out of hand thinking and judging it as hocus-pocus or superstitious nonsense. So I understand if you feel that way.

I am not a cynic or sceptic, but neither am I particularly credulous, superstitious or gullible. I am also not religious in a conventional way.  But the photo still touched me, there was no getting away from that.

Though I was given this photo several years back in 2001, I used it only occasionally, when there were serious issues around the mother and got some wonderful results. The most dramatic and poignant case is in my book Supercoherence – The 7th Sense on pages 136-138.

However I did not use it with all my clients and I honestly do not know why I did not.

All these years I have known that the extraordinary system that is Biolumanetics has to go out to the mainstream of humanity, the book Supercoherence – The 7th Sense was written to make that intent real. But with the way we were using the system, I did not quite know how to make this happen. We had used the system for 14 plus years in a powerful and effective but complex way. For it to go out into the world at large this would not be viable.  Whatever process was sent out had to fulfil certain conditions – it had to be powerful, easy, simple, effective, safe and universal. It had to tick all the boxes. I wasn’t ready to send it out otherwise. A pretty tall order, but I knew the secret was there hidden and waiting to be discovered.

After the book came out in end May 2008, the need became urgent and pressing.

There were several shocks waiting for me. The most immediate and important one was the announcement by Polaroid that they had stopped producing the instant film which we use for VRIC imaging. So what was the future for Biolumanetics without the imaging? It did not look bright.

However I knew there was a way forward even though I could not see it for the moment. The Zero Point Alignment process in Biolumanetics was phenomenal – this we knew from years of testing – pretty universally effective  for 90% of clients and worked 90% of the time. We knew we could send it out in the world without the imaging. But I was not totally satisfied.

Then in July-August I had an inspiration. The thought came from nowhere or rather from my 7th sense “What if we combined the zero point Alignment frequencies and the photo of the Divine Mother? So we did a series of experiments starting roughly in July and a whole lot more in August. I did not want this process to have a religious connotation and so I wanted to see whether the process would work with people of different faiths or no faith at all, whether it would work across the board. And it did. It mattered not whether the person undergoing the process was a man or woman, a self professed atheist, a Jew, a Hindu or Muslim, and of course Christians, it worked for everyone. It also did not matter whether they believed it or not. Combining the two elements, the photo and frequencies created a synergy which was completely stunning. Using just the photo on its own did not do it. But combining them was simply miraculous. The conclusion was unavoidable – the human system responds to love at the deepest level.  Love is coherence and coherence is love. We decided to call this process “Return To Love”.

So we had found a way that was safe, powerful and very effective in restoring supercoherence for any human.

The stunning visual case studies of the magical “Return To Love” process will, I hope, fill you with wonder and make you understand deep in your heart and mind that we are love and what gives meaning to our lives above and beyond all else is this sweetness and tenderness, which we sought in the arms of our mother.