Divine Mother Debate

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This image which we use and is an integral part of the Supercoherence Return To Love Frequency kit has caused a lot of debate, some controversy and a lot of discussion. When we decided to include this image a lot of people told me “Why are you putting this (in the kit)? It is a very loaded image.” Some people love the image and totally take to it and others will have nothing to do with it under any circumstances and there are intermediate positions between those two extremes.

For me, I decided to use the image because number one, we did a lot of testing with this image. It came to us, if you like to 3S and to CETS in a very extraordinary manner, it was a gift and normally when a gift is given I accept it as an act of grace. So it was given and then when I read the story behind it, the legend, because it came from this other dimension, I was riveted and I have to say that 20 years ago I would have said it was superstitious bunkum. So that would have been my position, I know that. I would have been totally sceptical. But because of having done VRIC imaging which allows us entry into the parallel universe of the Luminator, I could not walk away when this image was given and the legend that came with it and in fact it was the one thing that made me determined to use it. And when we used it (in the imaging) what we found was that even with people who had done years of spiritual work had done all sorts of stuff , had done all sorts of beautiful healing techniques, the suffering that was there was still encoded in their field.

My theory is this, on Earth the female frequency has been devalued and denigrated for several thousand years. Now I don’t say this as a feminist, knowing what I do and what I think about the concept of wholeness, we have been men and women. But the point of the fact is that humans have devalued the female frequency down the ages and I think the result of that has been enormous chaos. When you devalue what is love, when you devalue emotion, you devalue the most essential part of the human. And this frequency (of the Divine Mother ) is not about suffering , this frequency is about unconditionality , about compassion, and about love, which is the one thing that we need most on Earth today.

So when we did the imaging what we did was, what we found was that it just took away all the suffering , it just demolished it, it neutralised it, just by holding this image and the Supercoherence Return To Love Frequencies. Just holding the image was not enough, but when we held both the image and the Supercoherence Frequencies, the results were completely staggering. And what we found was that just using the Supercoherence Return To Love Frequencies on their own, we got an absolutely super result, but when you added this image along with the Supercoherence RTLFs the results became even better. And things which were difficult and could not be resolved with just the frequencies , just adding this photograph into the configuration – created coherence.

So what does it mean? For me it means that this is an alignment with love and when the human system aligns with love, all suffering is neutralised, all fear is neutralised and you have a chance of making a real choice.

So considering that I came from a place of scepticism and I am not religious in any conventional sense, I have to say, I absolutely am not. This image is not about religion, please understand that. See it as an energy form that came from this other dimension to show us a quality that is hidden in the photograph. You cannot see it, but you can see it. If you analyse it without defining it with a name, simply call it the Divine Mother who is the fount of nourishment, of love, of tenderness, of unconditionality, of compassion, then you can relate to this photograph. Please do not give it a name, please do not treat it as a religious symbol – treat it simply for what it is.