Consciousness And The SRTLFs Experiment



The inspiration for this experiment came from the book “Power versus Force” by David R Hawkins.  The central premise of the book was that consciousness could be calibrated in numbers on a scale of 1 – 1000 using Kinesiology.  Our associate Caroline Roberts, herself a Kinesiologist, had come across it in January and was excited at the prospect of doing some testing with the Supercoherence Return To Love Frequencies (SRTLFs) and their effects on consciousness levels using Kinesiology.  Thrity, Sandra and Meher also read the book and were excited too.  This excitement translated into organising an event which took place on the 20th and 21st May at the Richmond Hill Hotel.  And this was the beginning of a new phase of exploration for the Supercoherence System.

We wondered how we might use Kinesiology and the scale described by David R Hawkins to explore the relationship between using the SRTLFs in different configurations and what effects these may have on the consciousness level of the individual.   We met several times over a period of some weeks to develop and design an experiment design to look at this.   The experiment design/ protocol is available for you to look at here

In the past, VRIC imaging had been used to develop the specific steps which are currently recommended in any clearing i.e.  holding the green SRTLF in the right hand, the pink SRTLF in the left hand at all times; holding the Divine Mother photo and the note or person to be cleared with in one hand, then the other hand, and then in both hands for a few minutes each; and finally, making the statement aloud “I love and accept myself exactly as I am”.  We know from the days of VRIC imaging that, regardless of the challenge, when all these steps were followed, the person doing the clearing became coherent- without exception (NB most people became coherent even without the statement, but there were a few individuals for whom this did not happen, so the statement was included as part of the standard protocol). 

We also know from VRIC imaging, that the SRTLFs and Divine Mother picture placed on the photo (or name) of a person created coherence. 

So, we were not looking for proof of the effectiveness of the SRTLFs.  We were curious to see what would show up when we did this testing and what insights we might get as a result.  We wondered whether there would be corroboration of the findings from VRIC imaging.  We were open to being surprised… and, as you will read below, indeed we were!


There are many ways to look at and interpret data, and none of us is a statistician.  However, we would like to share with you some of the things that jumped out for us, the insights that have arisen as a result, and our recommendations based on these insights. 

NB: There were a total of 26 participants.  Out of these, 4 could not be included because they could not be assessed using Kinesiology protocols.



Of the 22 participants who could be assessed, 13 showed a higher reading when the SRTLFs and the Divine Mother photo were placed on their name (written on a sheet of paper).  For us this was a very important finding as it confirmed that using the SRTLFs for remote work was effective.  We have always known this method worked well as evidenced by VRIC imaging, but it was important to see it confirmed by another method.  It can be hard for our intellect/ conscious mind to comprehend the power of using this simple, effortless and effective method for restoring coherence and shaping reality, so having some corroboration can help. 

We also found ourselves wondering why, given that with VRIC imaging, remote use of the SRTLFs always created coherence, that ALL the subjects did not show an increase in consciousness levels.  We came up with 2 possible reasons (there may of course, be others!)

Firstly, this configuration did not include the statement “I love and accept myself exactly as I am”, which is an essential part of the process for some. 

Secondly, the SRTLFs restore coherence in the bio-light field, and this occurs immediately.  With VRIC imaging we are measuring coherence.  For us, there is a strong link between coherence and consciousness level in that restoring coherence will result, certainly over a period of time, in an increased level of consciousness.  However, that may not happen immediately.  In this experiment, we were measuring the immediate effects on the consciousness level of the subject.  So, what we are seeing is an immediate increase in the consciousness level in 13 of the 22 people tested.  We did not have the opportunity to test people after a period of time had elapsed- this would certainly be interesting to check in any future experiments. 


  1. To increase “remote” use of the SRTLFs.
  2. To write the statement “I love and accept myself exactly as I am” and place this on the person’s name or photo along with the SRTLFs and Divine Mother photo.


Another important finding was a real surprise.  In all the testing we had done with VRIC imaging over the years, making the verbal statement “I love and accept myself exactly as I am” when holding the SRTLFs and the Divine Mother image always and without any exception, made the VRIC image coherent.

However, when the Consciousness Experiment participants made the same verbal statement holding the SRTLFs and the Divine Mother image, in 11 out of 22 persons, the consciousness levels dropped from the previous configuration figures (i.e. just holding the SRTLFs and Divine Mother photo, but not making the statement).  This was a huge surprise and a puzzle.  What did this mean?

On reflection, this is our insight into this unexpected finding.  We had simply uncovered a level that we had not seen before.  The level that we found using VRIC imaging exists in all of us, where all is loved and accepted without any conditions- including the Self.  However, there was another new level which showed up during the experiment which showed there was a part of us that did not fully believe the statement of total love and self-acceptance, and as a result of this doubt, or conditional acceptance, there was a drop in the consciousness levels. 

For 2 of the participants, the drop was very large.  So, we decided to divert from the protocol and asked them to do an additional process.  They were asked to do a “clearing” holding the SRTLFs, the Divine Mother image and a note with the statement “I love and accept myself exactly as I am “.  Once they had completed this clearing, they were re-tested.  In both cases, the level of consciousness had more than doubled.  They also reported feeling a big positive shift in themselves.


  • For everyone using the SRTLFs to undertake a simple process. Say out loud the statement “I love and accept myself exactly as I am”, and as you say it, pay attention to how comfortable you are with it/ how true it feels for you.  If you find that you are not completely comfortable with it (i.e. you do not “score” 10/10 on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is that you are completely OK with it and I is that you are not at all OK with it), then please do a “clearing”.  This is done with a note with the written affirmation “I love and accept myself exactly as I am” as well as saying it verbally.  This “clearing” can be repeated every time you do not feel fully connected with the statement e.g. after clearing with another person (please see below).


  • When doing a clearing with another person (for which the usual protocol is followed), if at the end of the clearing, you are not able to feel completely comfortable with making the statements “I love and accept myself exactly as I am” and “I love and accept ______ exactly as (s)he is”, then there is a further level of clearing that can be done.

If your discomfort is with making the affirmation about yourself, please do the process in 1) above.

If your discomfort is with making the affirmation about the other person, write a note with the statement “I love and accept _______ exactly as (s)he is” and do a clearing in the usual way i.e. holding the note in one hand, then the other and then with both hands, all the while holding the SRTLFs (pink in Left, green in Right) and the Divine Mother photo.  You do not need to have the person’s photo or even their name for this process- just the note with the affirmation.  You may find this especially useful if you have already done a clearing with someone and are still having difficulty in your relationship with them.   

We are very grateful to have been shown this during the experiment.  We feel this new protocol has a universal application, which is why we recommend that everyone does it at least once.  Being able to love and accept oneself- warts and all- is a big component of being able to function as a more evolved, Universal Human, and help co-create a different world than the one we currently inhabit. 

An inability to accept ourselves is perhaps one of the biggest reasons giving rise to states of unhappiness – and all the dysfunction, distress and destruction that can arise from that.  Unhappiness results in us perpetuating the cycle of suffering for ourselves and one another.  So, to clear this level in ourselves and bring ourselves more into alignment with truly and unconditionally loving and accepting ourselves feels like a vital step in the right direction. 


We were open to being surprised, and we certainly were!

In terms of the information we obtained, the actual numerical figures were not particularly useful in making assessments, we felt.  However, the trends in the values for each individual were useful, and resulted in the valuable insights we have shared with you.

In considering what other testing we might do with the SRTLFs, Kinesiology would be one option.  We are also exploring some other avenues of testing, which we will of course keep you posted on!

We would love to hear your comments and suggestions about this experiment.  Do these findings surprise you? Are any of the new recommendations useful? Let us know by sending feedback to supercoherence (at) gmail (dot) com.

A big and heartfelt Thank You to all who participated in this experiment – we couldn’t have done it without You!