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The Supercoherence IAM Male (SIAM Male) and IAM Female (SIAM Female) Frequencies are simply worn round the neck or on the midline of the body.

They reinforce the coherence of the frequency of the wearer and they raise self-esteem and confidence. 

When they are worn, you will see situations and people through the filter of your coherent self, and although others will not know why, they will see and interact with you very differently from before.

When the Frequency is on your person, you are creating a coherent buffer zone. This is beneficial to all parties when interacting with you.

The Supercoherence IAM Frequencies, as their name suggests, allow you to have a clear sense of self. If, for example, we are not able to speak up for ourselves with a difficult colleague or a boss, using the Supercoherence IAM Frequency will give you the strength to do so. It gives you confidence and allows you to claim your rightful place in the world.

These Frequencies can be used for the following circumstances:

  • To hold your own frequency.

    If a person has low self-esteem for whatever reason, they will need the relevant Supercoherence IAM Frequency to hold their own frequency.

    We have seen this in several dramatic cases of young men with domineering fathers. After wearing the Supercoherence IAM Male Frequency for just a month, they were able to stand up to them for the first time in their lives.

  • To hold your own frequency when surrounded by the opposite sex.

    If an individual is surrounded by a disproportionate number of the opposite sex either in the family or work environment, it is beneficial and indeed important for them to wear their SUM frequency when they are in that environment. They will not know why, but they will feel more comfortable.

  • To rebalance couples.

    In relationships between couples, very often there is one dominant partner. As a result the relationship can be lopsided and compromised. Over a period of time this is not beneficial for either partner and can lead to conflict, resentment and the eventual breakdown of the relationship. In my view an authentic relationship has a quality of intimacy and delight, plus the willingness of both parties to truly honour the needs of both themselves and their partner and respect their differences. This is easier said than done. To change a non-nourishing dynamic takes more than good intentions, though they are a start.

    What we have found is that if both parties wear their respective Supercoherence IAM Frequencies, the lopsidedness disappears, as both are able to literally hold their own frequency and have the courage and confidence to be true to themselves. Change for each one becomes not only possible but inevitable.

    When true balance is restored in this way, the relationship either becomes authentic or falls away. The key of course is coherence – when both parties are coherent it is possible to have a coherent relationship.

    Though we did not have the SIAM frequencies in their present form until 2010, we used the relevant Biolumanetics frequencies for many years and this process has been tried and tested for many years with couples using VRIC imaging.

    If we initiated change using VRIC imaging and Biolumanetics and had an energetic solution for one partner that made them coherent, very often we found when the other partner stepped in and they were imaged together, the first person could not hold their coherence, as there was an energetic resistance to the change from the other partner. So we learned to give both persons in the dynamic their relevant Supercoherence IAM Frequencies. When we re-imaged them, we would find that now the change was acceptable to both.

    Using these frequencies with couples strengthens the frequency of both parties and creates a sort of buffer zone and more energetic space for each to be their own authentic self.

  • To ease loss and bereavement.

    This is an unusual way to use the SIAM Frequencies. If a person has lost their partner, either through death or separation, and is grieving and cannot function, they can keep the SIAM Frequency relevant to that partner in the room or even under the former partner’s pillow, or on their photo. If the partner who died or left was female, for example, they would keep the SIAM Female in the room or under the pillow and vice versa. That way they will recover sooner and be able to function.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, patterns and colour shades may vary slightly from the pictures shown.

The Supercoherence IAM Male And IAM Female Frequencies


Supercoherence IAM Male FrequencyPrice: £165.00 + P&P
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Supercoherence IAM Female FrequencyPrice: £165.00 + P&P
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