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From Panic to Calm, Clarity, Courage and Confidence

The Supercoherence Panic to Calm Frequency, also called SPTCF or SPtoC, is actually a combination of two frequencies, one for calming and the other for grounding.

Fear is part of the human condition and often our fear is felt in the gut or solar plexus area. When fear becomes overwhelming it leads to a panic attack.

When panic strikes, we lose our nerve and cannot hold our ground. All sense of balance and control is lost as the body goes into fight or flight mode. Put the SPTCF on the solar plexus area and the attack will stop almost instantly. There is, however, one caveat with the Supercoherence Panic to Calm frequency as far as its use in panic attacks is concerned: while the results are often dramatic and immediate, it does not resolve the underlying problem that caused the panic in the first place. It is necessary to go deeper and neutralize the underlying trauma with the SRTLFs. So while the Supercoherence Panic to Calm frequency is a super tool for relief, it should not be considered a resolution mechanism.

A lot of unconscious fears are held in the solar plexus area and this can feel tense and ‘knotted’ without any obvious reason. Using the SPTCF on this area will bring calm, clarity and insight as the unconscious emotional knots are loosened and released.

How And When To Use The Supercoherence Panic To Calm Frequency

Its primary use is to stop a panic attack in its tracks. The effect is immediate and dramatic.

So to use the Panic to Calm frequency in case of panic or fear, hold or pin the grey pouch with the  frequency on the Solar plexus area for as along as you need. You can use it for a few minutes or the whole day. You will feel the difference in less than a minute, as the fear or panic is halted, the body calms down and the thoughts and feelings become markedly different than before.

Exam or Interview: Use it when you are going for an exam or interview – again on the solar plexus or gut area.

Fear of Public Speaking: Many of us are terrified of public speaking. If that is the case with you, just pin it in the solar plexus area and go for your talk. Please report back and tell us how it went.

Fear of Dentist: Hold in the hand or on the solar plexus area.

Fear of Flying: Hold in the hand or on the solar plexus area. Two airline captains in Scandinavia use this frequency for the panicky passengers on their flights with great success.

Hangovers: If you have had too much to drink and are feeling the effects the next morning, use the frequency on the forehead or on the area of the discomfort for up to 30 minutes.

Instant Relief from Cramps: Put the frequency on the area of the pain and hold it there for a few minutes.

Relief from Headaches and Toothaches: Use on the area of the pain. This will give temporary relief. However it is NOT a substitute for seeing your medical practitioner.

Due to the handmade nature of this product, patterns and colour shades may vary slightly from the picture shown.


The Supercoherence Panic To Calm Frequency

Supercoherence Panic-To-Calm FrequencyPrice: £150.00 + P&P
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