In what ways can the Supercoherence RTLF Kit be used?
What do I do with the Divine Mother photograph?
Why hold the pictures on each side and then with both hands in the middle?
Do I need to “cleanse” the Supercoherence RTLFs before lending them to someone, or after they have been returned to me?
Can the whole family use the Supercoherence RTLF Kit?
Are they safe to use? Can they be harmful?
Do these processes have an effect on the physical body?
I am on medication/ have serious physical or mental health problems. Can I still use the Supercoherence RTLFs and the Return To Love processes you have described?
How do I know they are working for me?
What else can I expect? Are there other ‘cleansing effects’?

Be the change that you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

This unique kit gives us some amazing tools with which this reality can become more readily accessible to us, with ease and grace.

We do not recommend the Supercoherence Frequencies for personal use in cases of serious physical trauma, or for people who have serious medical conditions requiring allopathic medication.
These are not medical processes, nor medical products and are not intended to diagnose or treat or cure any disease.

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