A word of caution.  For the first few weeks (4 – 6) do NOT use the SRTLFs on your person the whole day.  Which means do NOT put them in your pockets or bra for the whole day. They are powerful and it is best for your energy system to adjust to the new frequencies gently.  You will still get good results.

The Supercoherence RTLFs are side sensitive which means that they need to be held or carried in the correct hand or pocket. The PINK and the GREEN Supercoherence RTLFs form a PAIR and must be used at the same time. The PINK SRTLF is to be held or carried on the LEFT side, and the GREEN SRTLF is to be held or carried on the RIGHT side.

As an everyday practice you can use the Supercoherence RTLFs (green in the right hand, pink in the left hand) every morning for twenty minutes . In the evening at the end of the day use them reversed (Pink in the right hand and green in the left hand) for about 10 minutes. You may increase the time gradually over a period of weeks.


I. Clearing The Past Imprint (we recommend you to do this first)

1 – Clearing Your Family Relationships

2 – Clearing With Men And Women

3 – Clearing The Conception Imprint

4 – Clearing Your Pre-birth Imprint

5 – Clearing Your Actual Birth Process Imprint

6 – Clearing Unfulfilled Needs Or Expectations From Parents

7 – Ancestral Clearing

II. Conscious Participation

1 – Someone Who You Wish To “Work With”

2 – Using Affirmations

III. If You Are Feeling Emotionally Distressed

We have found through testing with VRIC imaging, that holding the Divine Mother photograph along with the Supercoherence RTLFs softens, strengthens and enhances the effectiveness of this process.

It is important to understand that when you simply hold the frequencies or carry them on your person, your Bio-light field or light matrix recognises this information instantly and becomes coherent and neutralises stress and trauma from the energy system. This happens at the speed of light. So the job is already done and you do not need to do anything else. We know this because of the many tests that have been carried out, using VRIC imaging. You may or may not feel anything, but the process will clear the emotional charge around past events and relationships that are still present in your energy field and in your unconscious.

To find out more please refer to the FAQs .

We do not recommend the Supercoherence Frequencies for personal use in cases of serious physical trauma, or for people who have serious medical conditions requiring allopathic medication.
These are not medical processes, nor medical products and are not intended to diagnose or treat or cure any disease.

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