SRTLFs Testimonials

I have never felt this happy. I am 74 and in 73 and half years
I have never felt this, ever since I held this.


This feedback is from people who have used the Supercoherence Return To Love Frequencies also called the Supercoherence RTLFs . The Supercoherence RTLFs were first introduced  for general use in mid September 2009 at a workshop in London. In April 2010 we held a gathering of Supercoherence RTLF users to share what users had experienced with them . So the large portion of the feedback is from that gathering which we recorded. The rest came through emails sent to me where individuals shared what had happened for them, their families and friends.

It is difficult to understand how holding or carrying two little glass pieces containing nothing except invisible “information” can create such powerful effects at so many different levels – we as humans are being shown the power and the wonder of the invisible hidden frequency universe.

You will notice some users call them “crystals” others call them “Stones” still others call them “frequencies”.  For me they  are instruments of grace and tools for transformation and their primary purpose is to reconnect the personality to the soul.

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We do not recommend the Supercoherence Frequencies for personal use in cases of serious physical trauma, or for people who have serious medical conditions requiring allopathic medication.
These are not medical processes, nor medical products and are not intended to diagnose or treat or cure any disease.