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The Supercoherence RTLFs and Synchronicities – Nick:

And one of my Japanese clients, he said something like “Thrity the synchronicity will not leave me alone”. So did anybody have an experience about synchronicity? Come on Nick off you go. Please speak loudly so that the mike can record it.

Hi, my experiences have been mainly synchronicities and in the beginning events used to happen that, I thought well they are very strange coincidences. But gradually over a period of time I thought, well these I thought were coincidences, gradually dawned on me that they are directly related to what I have been thinking. So whatever I have been thinking eventually comes out as a synchronicity and it’s very strange now. Only yesterday I had a very strange happening I was going into London, and I was catching a train at 9 o’clock, 9 am. And I was running late, and I ran down to train station, half way down to train station I forgot, I realized I haven’t got my wallet with me. So, I couldn’t have bought a ticket. So, I ran back to the house, and I got my wallet and I thought well I have missed the train anyway, so I might just walk back slowly. And I got to the train station and bought a ticket, got to the platform and there was a train sitting there, and I thought this is strange because the train should have left ages ago. I got inside the train, sat down. I said to the person next to me “what train is this?” And I said “There is not another train for another half an hour. This is also 9 o’clock train.” They said “It’s been late through a signal failure somewhere”. And as soon as I sat and the door is closing and we are off. And I thought well I haven’t missed the 9 o clock train, I am on it so.

And back in February I was thinking about changing my computer because my computer was quite old and was very much under capacity. And on a Wednesday I think in the middle of November I went down to Kingston and had a look at all the computer shops and I went to John Lewis had a look at all the computers they had. And there was one that I really liked, but that was 999 pounds. I thought well, I can’t justify paying that much money for a computer, I will wait. But I bought a computer magazine so I can see what’s available on the market. That was on a Wednesday. On the Thursday I got a call from my ex boss who we are still very friendly. We used to play golf together. And he said “You haven’t been around for a while, what happened? Don’t you like us anymore?” I said “I just had a busy time really.” He said “Pop around sometime, I will take you out for lunch. We will have a cup of tea and a chat.” And I said “Ok .Well, I will be there tomorrow.” I have got nothing to do tomorrow, that was a Friday and I walked into the room and there were boxes everywhere and new computers were out on their workstation. I said “What’s going on here”. And he said “We have decided to renew all our computers because all the old ones that we had don’t network together. So we decided to buy all the same brand and networking them all together.” I said “What are you going to do with the old ones?” And he said “Do you want one?” So I said “Yeah.” He says “Take that one that is the most powerful one that we have. It has got the… megabytes whatever else that you have and take the printer with you, it’s got one of these high speed laser printer with the photocopier and all that sort of thing. And I sort of we went to lunch and I said to him, Alan was his name, “You know Alan that 2 days ago, I was looking to buy a computer and here you are giving me one on a silver platter.”

So, this is how synchronicities are happening all the time and eventually you become blasé about them because this is so frequent and you become quite blasé about the things happening and you almost expect things to happen but you always know that they are related to what you have been thinking previously.”

So, what is that telling you?

It’s telling me well you have got to watch what you think because if you gonna Manifest that easily. You could Manifest something that’s not what you intended. So, you have got to watch your intentions.

Somebody up there is looking after you.

Absolutely, yeah.

<style=”height: 10px;”>  Florina and Synchronicities with the Supercoherence RTLFs:

Synchronicities yes, I mean you think oh not such a busy week. Maybe I would like some clients and I would like clients to come 5 in a day so then I can have the next day off and lo and behold, that’s what happens. They call and it is almost “Can we come at 2.” No actually make it half past 2 so I have half an hour break and the next one and the next one, so they are proving to be just as amazing for me and for everybody else.” <style=”height: 10px;”>  Cynthia and Synchronicities with the Supercoherence RTLFs:

The synchronicity my goodness I am leaving the gym I am thinking “Be nice if there is a bus there at the bus stop” and I go to the bus stop and it comes within 10 seconds. I am quite astonished actually. And that’s been happening every single time I think that, not just once or twice.”

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