Supercoherence Practitioner Training

The course is open to anyone who believes in human potential and wishes to make a difference, but will be of special interest to psychotherapists, energy psychology practitioners, energy medicine practitioners, relationship counsellors, holistic practitioners, metaphysical practitioners, Reiki practitioners, Oneness trainers, yoga & meditation teachers and life coaches who wish to take their practice to another level.

Learn the secrets of the Frequency Universe and access the realm of miracles through the use of the new frequency tools – The Supercoherence Return to Love Frequencies and the other tools in the Supercoherence frequency toolkit.

The core understanding on which this training is based is that the universe is intelligent, feeling and orderly, and that the soul is the central player in our life. Though it is not a “therapy”, it can be used by therapists. It is rather a restoration and a reconnection of the human frequency to its supercoherent nature. It is where science and spirituality merge, meld and fuse into one. It is a program and a process for healing, exploring and expanding the boundaries of human potential in a manner that is truly new.

To attend the training these are the minimum requirements:

Although we do not yet have a date for this training, you may still register your interest below, and we will contact you in due course:

What Previous Attendees Say About The Supercoherence Practitioner Training:

The Supercoherence Practitioner training was extraordinary. I walked away feeling like I had a great foundation upon which to do this work— the underlying principles, a new understanding of the nature of reality and the human, advanced, complex techniques, an understanding of each frequency and its importance to the whole system, the specific conditioning that entraps all of us and especially my clients going through this transformation experience for the first time, and tips shared among a really great pick of trainees” – C. Haiju

I found the teaching clear and engaging. Having just reviewed my notes, I realize just how much we covered, and I’m aware we spent a long time sitting, absorbing information, but I found myself able to do that, without getting restless, as I often do. In fact, I was amazed how quickly the time passed, so I guess you got the balance right. I loved the stories and case studies which really gave us a measure of what’s possible. And the sharings from the other participants. The practical exercises were illuminating. Glad to be reminded of what a difference the SRTLFs make.” – A. Colmer

I really liked the way you with the Powerpoint slides, the exercises and space and time to discuss our experiences and questions. The way you  explained everything with the experiences you had and the other practitioners was for me very useful and motivating to start using the SRTLF’s immediately in my practice. I also liked and found it very useful and necessary to talk a lot about the emotional process and the importance of how to deal with the emotions. I also liked very much the explanations about the effect of stress and building up stress by not being coherent with many situations, people and so on. I also really liked the way you told about how to use these tools for so many situations and cases especially the remotely way. I am really glad that I was able to come and join the training and I really appreciate what you did for me and made it possible to come and make these training for me so precious and valuable!!!” – Dr. J. Knegt

Although we do not yet have a date for this training, you may still register your interest below, and we will contact you in due course: