Supercoherence System 2 Day Intensive Training

The core understanding on which this training is based is that the Universe is intelligent, feeling and orderly and the soul is the central player in our lives. That possibilities for healing and transformation exist for everyone regardless of what they think, feel or know about their “condition” and regardless of what you may think, feel or know about them.

It is not a “therapy”, though it can be used by therapists. It is rather a restoration and a reconnection of the human frequency to its supercoherent nature. It is where science and spirituality merge, meld and fuse into one seamless whole.

It is a program for healing, exploring and expanding the boundaries of human potential.

Although we do not yet have a date for this training, you may still register your interest below, and we will contact you in due course:

What Previous Attendees Say About The Supercoherence Intensive Training:

I was introduced to the Frequencies by a good friend at a time when life was challenging. I had little understanding but took them on faith and they made a difference each time I used them.
The course was fantastic as I got to learn about how and why they work. I found the styles of presentation captivating and never found myself checking the time instead the time flew.
I love the way the material was introduced and the way Thrity opened our minds to new possibilities.
I have ordered some new frequencies and am excited to work with them from a place of greater understanding.
I can recommend this course whole heartedly and without reservation.” – C. Barber

Many thanks for giving us the opportunity to attend your two day workshop/presentation. We enjoyed it immensely. The way you presented it logically and systematically made it easy to follow and understand, with each frequency explained in detail culminating in the introduction of the two new frequencies.
In addition learning about other people’s experiences was very valuable and could prove to be an eye-opener to newcomers! Conversations during coffee break were also an additional source of information.
The only thing we did not enjoy was the ‘projecting hate’ exercise which made us feel very uncomfortable- but through this exercise we had proof of the power of negative energy and the SRTLF’s ability to neutralise this energy.
Once again thanks Thrity for a great weekend and rekindling our enthusiasm for the SRTLF’s!” – K and M Chesterton

I bought the SRTLFs a few months back after reading Thrity’s book that really excited and inspired me about what these tools could help me achieve in terms of my development. When I found out Thrity was running a workshop on how to use them I signed up straight away. Reading the books left me with lots of the questions on how best to use these fantastic tools. The workshop answered those questions and helped me to understand how to use them much better. It was also a lot of fun. Thank you Thrity for being bringing this into existence.” – M. Farr

Although we do not yet have a date for this training, you may still register your interest below, and we will contact you in due course: