Supercoherence Training Feedback

Dr Vijaya Nair, PhD, talks about a Supercoherence Workshop in London:

Feel like this is it. The missing point. Have been working with Emotional Balance for 15 years and now this will speed things up. Hope to be able to present this to my patients. I have really loved this. Marianne W. 

Dear Thrity! Thank you for the insights I’ve got, how to work in silence with the frequencies. From now on, I’ll keep my mouth shut (a really big challenge) and let “them” (RTLFs) work with my relations. From now and on I’ll concentrate on my souls longing to express itself in the kreativ way of art which I have refused it to all my life, because of sickness, nursering children all by myself and of course afraidness. For the first time in my life, it’s possible to put my self first. It’s terrifying and wonderful. It’s a big releaf to rely on the keys you give me and find out there is someone who think and talk like myself. From now and on I won’t waist it one anyone who don’t want to hear or listen about it especially not J(…). Also I do believe now it has been a excuse to help others instead of fulfill my souls desire. This is the results of feeling and thinking whithin during this workshop. Thank you very much for this gift of yours.With love I’ll treasure it. 

Very interesting. I’ve learnt a lot, some of it I can’t yet put into words (not in Swedish either). Working with my unconscious (will be interesting and challenging); getting to know all that stops me or gets in my way. Many interesting insights. I’ve felt I’m happy and rather problemfree person, but I realise that my unconscious do get in my way from time to time. I can’t wait to dig into it. These thoughts are so exciting and will carry so far. I applied for this workshop because of my curiosity. I’ve read the book. I chose between this and another activity, and decided to go on this because of your very nice letter and because I thought you might not come to Sweden so often. 

Now I know that there are many more ways to use the stones, and that I must face my self. I read the book in autumn 09, and then I knew I had to meet Thrity. I was so happy when I heard that SC would come to Sweden. And here I am know, feeling good about it. I hope I meet you all again, this was one of my new journeys, and it is so exciting. Great Love Fore You Thanks fore the weekend! Jenni 

I read your book in October 2009 and I think “WOW”; this I want to know more about. So when I heard about the course, I aplaid me. And I bee so happy to come here to meet you. It has been a very good time I have lern a lot and I has confirm things I already know. The live is so fantastic and exciting and after now, I think it will bee more, most better. Love and Light D. 

When I heard about this workshop I just know I should participate. I bought the book, the DVD, and the RTLFs to prepare myself. Didn’t know how to use the RTLF but felt I had to get them. After working with all people I know with RTLF I have worked with emotions of different kinds and I have loved to listen to Thrinity this weekend. She/you have inspired me to go on , and on, and on with my experiments. How know – one day I may reach my nearly impossibel goal, to teleportate. Thank you a million for the RTLF. Ann-Marie I. 

Thank you for a lovely course, thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom I look forward to beautiful results with the stones + Mary photo. As I am so used to working with energy since 15 years and love development in the field of energy and frequencies I welcome also the possibility to work with the stones. I am used to work with very much a spiritual way, the stones + beautiful Mary is at the same time down to earth practical and universally spiritual. Looking forward to webinar. Lots of love Agneta 

Thanks for a super weekend. I got a tool that I’ve missed. I will work with the freakvensis as often as possible. My sister took me with her. Love, G. 

I have read Talking With Angels for 17 years and all ..?.. “my bible”. It’s a lot of answers in that book. And then it says “Call the New. Always Call the New”.“You are never alone”. This is one answer. The frequencies and all your other stuff (a really good one!). There are others. And I like the words – responsibility – work/discipline etc. You have to do your part. It’s a hard work. But a funny one! THANK YOU both of you Thrity and Meher. I give you a big hug. We will keep in touch. Margareta E. 

“I came here because I found your book trought fully. In the beginning you talked of the WALL. Then you talked about that although you do all the right things, it’s still are incoherents in life. I came form north of Sweden alone, just for the reason that if I asked my friends, they should say -ok I an do that my selfs, just what you wright in the book. And the last sentens in the book. That you would like to here from me. That talked to me. So here I am, all happened I 1 ½ week. Fantastic!! Love you!” Elisabeth L 

Thank you for a very very interesting and giving day. Thank you Thrity for your jobb. I feel so glad. Ann R. 

Very inspiring workshop! Thank you Thrity. In one way it seems impossible that all the “magic” things are able to happen, but I will give it a go. I will try this to make my dreams come true and I will be i my full potential to be happy and make other people happy as well. Birgitta 

Thank you for doing this. When I read the book I knew that I would very much want to meet and listen to you. You have in 2 days confirmed my own thinking and I feel so happy to have the tools for myself and my work. I meet a lot of unhappy youth so now I know how to help them. I have gone through most of the things you were talking the 2nd day the hard way and survived. I really understand my enormous mission in life. Now I will work with RTLF everyday and create the wonderful life I want. Thank you again for your fantastic work. It is a gift for humanity. My experience with RTLF. I put it on the sons photo yesterday night. Next day he SMS me and said happy moms day. I am happy. He had never ever said that in his whole life. Thanks. Agnetha 

It is far the best tool I’ve seen to create coherence. (It similar to Matrix Energetics, Theta Healing, Quatum Entrainment, Pulse techn., Kanga Water, Healing Codes…). Thank you very much for your wisdom and this tool. My next nearly impossible project is to transform 1 company, a big one. For me it was the missing part in my concept, to get rid of fear. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The only thing you can change: You don’t have to program, that is not easy o find and transforms negative emotions. I came to this course because it was a perfect timing for me, I need it now in my life. Rolf E. 

Became interested in this after having read your book. Even thought of going to London to meet you. Was happy when I learnt that you would come to Sweden. Have been told that I have healing gifts, trying to find out how to use them. Nice to know the many ways the “magic stones” can be used!! The first part of the lectures felt as if it look too long time to get to the point. A-M R. 

Now i shall start to work with the frequence in another way. The second day was very good. I learn a lot. From today it will be interesting to go further and see what happens. Thank you for two wonderful days. Goran 

I really appreciated the whole seminar, and especially the “nearly impossible project”. Also the insight that we can use the frequencies to create anything and change everything! Thank you so much. Love Sanna 

If the iluminator (machine) do so great wonders why not build more machines? Why not “give” the secret away? Then the magic more easily spreads around the world. Why does it not work to take this photos with a digital camera? Thank you for a great weekend. You put words to my feelings. Anna Karin H. 

The holoscope was a “symbol” that never occured to me before and that I liked very much ansd will use. Also the importance of coherence between soul and mind in your actions and visions. I was sceptic to the workshop in the beginning cause reading the book interested me but did not convince me and this sceptic opinion was supported by a friend very advanced in physics and energies. Now on the second day I feel more at ease with the given information since it also focus on the importance of healing your life patterns. There is no quick fix 🙂 but I hope the frequencies will be a good kick-off. I like the way Threety acts “on stage” with both power and humility (humble?) mixed up with humanistic and dynamic jump-ins. I also like the “gentle” daughter. I find the locality bad for my comfort. Cold, uncomfortable seats and narrow and difficult to see and hear. And too long pauses and bad coffee. I would have find it more honest to announce the workshop including the frequencies since the frequencies seem to be the “thing”. Now there was an extra economic effort that was not calculated in my budget (Porridge 🙂 ) Could have appreciated some written material during the workshop-everything coming up in the screen fast. Sylvia H. 

I want to regain physical fitness. I do nothing to improve my health. I used to take a couple of glas of vine to feel good. I want to make changes on “cell level”. I think that is just what I need. I am very interested quant physics and the supercoherence program seeams to be one way to get need changes to my lfe, I hope. Nils S. 

I feel like I have gotten the missing key to get forward with my personal and spiritual development. Thank you Thrity! 

This was a wonderful experience! I feel tremendously empowered! Everything was fenomenal. I am interested in the education. Heidi 

I am in a very difficult period of my life (extremely difficult since 2003 but my whole life has been like that!). For that reason I have been studying and doing different kin of fields & therapies banging my head against the wall, trying to find the gate and resourcing into some periods of totally insomnia of living, lost in the 3D-world to ease my pain… but nothing – as you know – can comfort me. I am so afraid & scared of living that lately I have chosen different ways to die. I have even seen the monster that has my life on hold (he is terribly ugly & scary). Nevertheless I am still here and I was offered the opportunity to participate in your seminar. I was “dragged” here, I wanted to once more avoid it by different reasons (no money, no health, no time and so on…) My Divine Mother is kind to me though, now I understand better: it is not me that works with her but SHE is working for me/with me! I have reached a point of no return. And dying also scares me because I know I would have waisted another life without doing things right – and that’s the reason I am here and now! No more aspirins or the like (which I have been taking the last 2 years – lots!), because this time “they” want to put me on “CYTO(?)-STATICS” and that’s a sure dead – which would be the complete annihilation of everything the universe has already given me. A wonderful intelligent life, full of light & wonder! I don’t know what the next level is. I will rapport to you later. I will start working with the RTLF’s and the Divine Mother. Thank you Thrity, for giving me a NEW HOPE & A NEW LIGHT to go on! (WHO ARE YOU REALLY???) Sincerely Alessandra 

Again and again I feel you are presenting ? and valuable information. You are simply doing a great job. Many thanks. 

A very busy friend of mine told me to read your book as she didn’t have the time. I was fascinated by the Luminator story and decided I wanted to try it myself. Only one problem though, I have been travelling so much I don’t’ want to travel any more. I was THRILLED when I got the email about you coming here. After having tried to start a Holistic College, in Tajikistan, which unfortunately didn’t work out I am now in the process of starting my own business wich will be having lectures and a Powerpoint presentation, a bit similar to what you do (but only one hour lectures, not 2 days). It has been valuable for me to hear your point of view today (Sunday). Yesterday was ok but not so many new insights. I thought there were plenty of pictures of the case studies in the book so I felt we knew about them and didn’t need to emphasis on them again (only my view ok?). What really DID IT for me today was the word INFORMATION. I have never thought of the meaning before. Thanks a lot. Love, Louise U. 

Its a wonderful seminar. I am not so good in English but I will learn more. What it is cost the different stept. Its so interesting. I think about can you come to Sweden and do the other steps. Wondering. Hope to see you again. Thankyou. Marita F. 

The coherence allows me to be more alive and awake and helps me to see my life even more as a adventure and I LOVE it. My life and time is important and I have used it well in this seminar. Susanne H. 

I’m so happy that I participated and I’ve been able to follow your content and understand. My journey will continue and I will take my part, my responsibility and live the life as fully as it is possible. I want to do what I shall do. I’m thankful to everything you’ve shard with us. Yours sincerely Brigitte S. 

It has been the 2 best days of my life. Finally I have found a tool to deal with my old pain and greef, which have blocked my life for so long. I feel I can help my family to come together, and heal the wounds that I have caused my children. Now my searching has come to an end and an other part of doing will take place. I’ve done so much for others during my life. Now it is my turn to be healed and through that do a better job as a therapist and human. The simplicity in this program and the amazing results we’ve heared of is very thrilling. I feel I’ve had a huge gift this week and, now it’s up to me to realize these results inmy own life. THANK YOU THRITY for your work and love. Regina S. 

In advance, I did know nothing about Supercoherence except small mentions of the .0 field & Eric Pearls The Reconnective Healing. I just knew that I was to come here, as I by “coincidence” found information about your Workshop on Thursday the 27th. I loved your sharing all Saturday, including about the elegant way of clearing relationships and what ever. Sunday I felt more confused as I thought the announced workshop would mean using the tools in practise. All together this is just perfect and I have gotten beautiful tools for all aspects of my life. Anne-Kristin K.