Wellness Frequency Case Studies & Testimonials

“Because I am deaf on the right since age 11 I always hold the phone on my left ear. I have experienced some ringing in the ears in recent years. The biggest issue has been the difficulty to fall asleep because as soon as I lie down in bed, my body starts jumping as if wanting to discharge some electrical charge. This can last for an hour or more.  It also happens during the night after I return from going to the bathroom.

When in front of my MAC laptop I can feel electricity going through my head with a lot of tingling especially on the left side.  This does not happen when I watch TV but after a couple hours of watching a movie I jump in bed.  This had been going on for years. It started when I was working for IBM in the US and it has been there ever since. For over 30 years I worked day and sometimes nights and week-ends on a computer.  After working 70-80 hour weeks I had a burnout in 1997 and my hands have been shaking ever since. I went to see various doctors and tried alternative medicine (yoga, acupuncture, qi-gong, naturopathy, homeopathy) but so far nobody has been able to bring me any relief.

When I am in the train I get headaches, tingling and buzzing from sitting near someone holding a cell phone or working on a laptop, or being in a room with WIFI. I notice that this type of environment makes me irritable so I try to avoid it as much as possible by reducing exposure whenever I can. Also, after doing research, I chose to disconnect the wifi in my home and put everything back on direct cable (phone, computer, tv, printer). There was an improvement but not enough.

I received the Supercoherence Wellness Frequency at the beginning of September and have now been wearing it alone for a month. At first I only wore it during the day but a week ago I decided to try wearing it day and night.

The first thing I noticed was that feeling very tired. I could have taken a nap in the afternoon but decided not to and thought I’d fall asleep easier at night. But it still took an hour and I jumped in bed after getting up during the night for ½ hour.  This tiredness continued on for over a week.  I also noticed I wasn’t hungry late at night as I usually am.

It took 5 days before I could see an improvement in the sleep patterns.  But finally I started to be able to fall asleep, as the jumping became less and less.

After a couple weeks I took the train to Paris to teach. Tried to find a seat away from cell phones (mine is off 90% of the time) but they are everywhere.  I observed myself and did not feel a headache coming on.  Also sitting at a workshop in the afternoon I noticed my neighbour writing on his phone and was surprised that I did not feel any discomfort as I usually do.

On the other hand if I sit in front of my computer for more than an hour, I still feel the vibrations going into my head and it feels like my head is caught into a clamp tightening more and more.  My shaking has not improved during that whole time.

In addition, a positive thing I did notice is having a different reaction to events, something that really surprised me.  For example,  I had a little series of catastrophes one morning which I took it all in strides. Another day, I had lunch on the patio and a bee landed on my chest.  Normally I would have screamed or had a jerk reaction.  This time I just talked to it and said “wow I haven’t seen you so close before” and hop it left. And recently I had to unravel a ball of thread that was all tangled up. In the past I could not tackle such a task and this time I was able to undo it all the way without feeling impatient or nervous.  I barely recognized myself!

3 weeks into the test, I was able to watch a 2-hour movie on TV and was still able to fall asleep no problem.

For some reason I forgot to wear my frequency for 2 days and I really had more difficulty falling asleep.  Started jumping in bed again and in the train and metro I could feel vibrations in my head from cell phones around me.  It is as if a shield was removed. This was interesting and made me curious as I thought you had said it was not a shield but rather strengthened the entire body.

Since then I have been wearing it day and night and it makes a big difference indeed!

Not only do I fall asleep easier but when I get up I can go back to sleep – just a couple of jumps. In my 4th week I fell asleep before 11pm and woke up at 6:30am without even getting up…this is amazing!

Hope this helps….thanks a lot Thrity!

With love and best wishes”


“I exclusively wore the Wellness Frequency for 1 month. I didn’t wear any other “stones” (nickname for Supercoherence frequency tools). I wore it 24/7.  I never took it off when I went to sleep. The only time I took it off was when I went to shower.  My initial response, within the first 2-3 days, everything kind of like, was spooking me; but then slowly, within a week, things changed.

At first, I felt A LOT OF nervousness and impatience and anxious feelings the first day I wore it. The feelings of insecurity were heightened. I was fearful of doing simple tasks like driving and talking to other people. I was constantly checking and over-checking things, including my paperwork. Everything felt stressful. All kinds of fears were heightened and “getting to me”. It was as if all my senses were gearing up for all kinds of adversaries. But as time went on, like I said, by the end of a week and from then onward, all of those adversaries and even the ones I wouldn’t worried about normally were slowly disappearing in my mind.

There was a sense of positive feelings about everything I was dealing with in everyday life— like financial problems didn’t affect me like it normally did before. I was not worried about my marriage. I think because of my positivity, all of my marital problems went away.  There was a sense or feeling like everything is going to work out well, that I would find a solution for all of my problems. I feel happier. I don’t worry about my problems to the extreme.

As part of my normal lifestyle, I am in some type of wifi area almost 24/7.  I have wifi in my house and often visit the library for their free wifi. I use wifi on both my computer and cellphone literally all the time. Normally, I do have some kind of headache, nothing chronic, but the episodes would force me to close my eyes and relax and not use any electronics.  Whenever I used electronics while wearing the Wellness frequency, I would never have such headaches, not even a minor one. I eventually developed a feeling of calmness both physically and mentally with the Wellness frequency— no worry, wherever I went. Since I’ve stopped wearing the frequency, it’s been almost 3 weeks now [at the time of writing this], with my continued internet usage and lifestyle, I’ve noticed that my stress levels have gone up and I’ve noticed an increase in my headaches.”


“Here follows the experience I have had with the new (Wellness) frequency.  

I work with computers in full time employment and 99% of my working day is sat in front of one. Before I used the frequency I found that I was very tired and my body felt fatigued, when I went home I was extremely tired. I started to use the frequency and noticed that in roughly a week, I was not as tired, I also found my concentration had improved. To have improved energy and less tiredness/fatigue was amazing, so thank you for the gift of the frequency.

Love and blessings”

Kate xxx

“I started using the Wellness frequency about 15 days ago, and after just about 3 days there was a noticeable difference. Before I started using it, I’d been having trouble sleeping for about 10 months or so. I just couldn’t sleep until 3 or 4 in the morning. I also tried going to bed by about 12 but it didn’t help, I’d just stay up tossing and turning for a few hours.

But I started using the frequency, and by the day after, I was able to sleep much better, earlier, and I was also able to get up earlier in the mornings, without too much of a fuss. 

Now I feel sleepy by around 23:00, and I’m fast asleep within half an hour of that if not less. The only reason I stay awake past that is if I have an unusually large amount of homework to do. 

I wear the frequency all day, every day, except at night. I take it off by about 8 in the evening and I usually put it on by 8 or 9 in the morning, so I wear it for a whole 12 hours.”


“For a long time, a number of years actually, I had been working part time on a telephone / headphone job from home.  Over the course of time I had been finding it increasingly made me irritable, I was also aware of buzzing in my left ear.  I was conscious that the left ear was the one I used the most for the work when on the phone, as it left my right hand free for typing or writing.  In the end I decided the job was not doing me any good physically so I gave it up.  However, the problem with my left ear persisted in as much that if I used that ear for a phone call I got the symptoms back again only even faster than before.  The phone was a remote phone kept on a cradle that one can walk around the house using.  I had noticed that it had got nearly impossible for me to use my headphones either for anything, listening to music on the computer, or watching films on the computer.  So I gave that all up too.

Following a move of house to a different house and a new job, I began to notice buzzing in my ears again when in my work office, where they had a practice of hot desking, and many phones, computers and printers were all crammed into a small area in an office with no access to the outside directly and in fact it was below ground.  The irritability returned when I was in that office, I tried to be in there as little as possible, and worked from home whenever possible, particularly to save my ears.

When in that office I could feel the buzzing of the electricity going through me like a mild breeze, but always there.  I felt it whilst approaching that area.  I got into the habit of using the Supercoherence Panic-To-Calm close to my ear and using the phone on loud speaker whenever I could as I found the interference so strong.  This did help me with the irritability and the pains in the ear subsided as long as I kept the phone plus headphones away from the ear itself.

Another house move got me back to London, in a modern block of flats all serviced with Sky T.V satellite aerials built into the walls, as well as dishes on the roof and outside on some walls.  Since moving there we have had two further aerial mast upgrades close by from 2 – 3 – 4G mobile phone access masts.  There are currently 3 visible from the flat window.  I could hear a low and constant buzz non-stop when in the flat.

When I first had the Wellness frequency I wore it with no other frequencies for a month.  The results were immediate.  The buzzing lessened and then gradually but quickly disappeared.  The most profound and long lasting results have been with the phone and the headphones.  I am now able to use them both with no buzzing, pain or interference, magic!  The headphones have been the most profound shift though, from the start of wearing the Wellness frequency I was able to use the headphones, I experimented and was careful not to use them much at first, but I tried using them for a bit longer and a bit longer each time, this was magic too, I did not get any problems, no buzzing, no interference and no pains, certainly no irritability.

After a month I began using the Wellness frequency in conjunction with any combination of the other frequencies, and I continued to test the phone, the headphones and being around the masts.  I did notice some nights and not all some slight buzzes from being close to certain walls where there are hefty amount of wires for all T.V etc. appliances and main box stations for these inside.  I counter acted this by placing the Wellness frequency under my pillow at night (at night I usually give my body/ mind system a rest from all frequencies so do not wear any). To this day I have the Wellness frequency under my pillow every night and I am able to use all the phone, headphone appliances, be on or around the computer for many hours at a time, use the headphones for as long as I choose and talk on the phone with no problems at all.  No buzzing, no irritability, no pains. Perfect.”

Jane Cook

“Effects I have when wearing the EMF protection (Wellness Frequency) are great!  I no longer pick up on EMFs all around me which makes it more comfortable going into shopping centres and such like, if I have to.  I wear it in my car which now has hands free phone so obviously helps with this too.  I used to get lots of tingling and the feeling of oppression in these places, but not when I’m wearing my frequency.

The biggest bonus for me is with my eyes.  They get very sore and tired when I use the computer and for years have had to restrict my use of all types of screen, including my phone.  Now as long as I wear my frequency, my eyes no longer get sore and tired.  In fact if I leave off my frequency for a few days I notice my eyes getting sore and dry, then I realise I’ve not worn my frequency!! For me this has made my life so much more comfortable so a very big THANK YOU!”

Liz S

“Clients with normal sleep experience that they feel more ll-rested after a shorter sleeping period (between 5-7 hours) than they use to when they have slept for up to 8-9 hours. They also feel more vital and filled with energy. A few even woke up earlier than they used to. The sleeping period has better quality when they are integrated with the Wellness frequency tool.

One client registered no effect at all but his wife who sleeps next to him felt a difference in sleeping quality and vitality during the test. It seems like she adapted the frequency by exchanging information through the light energy field just by sleeping next to her husband.

Some clients also reported stronger intuition. Almost like the intuition cut through the intellect and became more apparent.

Clients with some kind of sleeping disorder had the tool integrated for a period of 4-8 weeks before they registered some kind of change.

Those with very interrupted sleeping pattern were used to short sleeping periods in sequences of 60-90 minutes. They experienced an extended sleeping period with up to one extra hour before they woke up again. It was a remarkable change to have the sleeping period sustained.

One client had severe difficulties to fall asleep/insomnia. I combined the Wellness frequency tool with the Exam-/Interview frequency tool. The result was interesting. He felt more relaxed and present in the now which made him fall asleep a little more easier than he was used to. The now presence kept him away from analysing the past too much and to worry about tomorrow. He felt a heaviness in his body and mind like he was anchored. The result wasn´t consistent and could vary from day to day but this experience was profound when it occurred.

One client experienced less tingling/warmth in her ears when she accidentally was talking on her mobile phone.

She is avoiding direct contact between her mobile phone and ears due to heat generation and stinging pain. Instead she uses plug-in ear phones. This was a positive change for her.

A few clients have noticed less irritating, red eyes when working long hours in front of screens.

Some clients with heavy moods, not necessarily depression like symptoms, experienced feeling lighter and more happy when the Wellness frequency was integrated. People in their direct environment had comment upon their changed behaviour too.”

 Supercoherence Practitioner Lotta Naess

“I was first introduced to the Wellness Frequency as part of small test group. I have a characteristic of overriding my sleep pattern in order to get more out of my day. Being quite stubborn, even if I’m totally exhausted, I override my exhaustion to get things completed, often only sleeping for 4-5 hours. Typically I would get up for work 5:45am while often going to sleep around 1:30am. The first thing I noticed, wearing the Wellness Frequency was that it made me feel exhausted. I nicknamed it the “exhaustilator”. I felt tired all day long except, when I took it off to shower. I found that the Wellness Frequency, through tiredness, forced me to get more sensible hours sleep 7-8 hours and I still felt tired, it reduced my drive, it slowed me down. I found this frustrating as I am always doing things this forced me to slow down.

Prior to the trial my immune system was pretty weak all the time, lack of sleep may have been a factor. I would always be fighting off colds and they would often last for months leading to chest infections, which I was particularly susceptible to. I would only slow down when my body forced me to through being too exhausted and ill to carry on. The only way then to shift them was to take a course of strong antibiotics. As part of the trial I wore the Wellness Frequency for 30 days.  I feel that the Wellness Frequency boosts my immune system. While wearing Wellness Frequency, I was unusually clear of colds. I did get one cold, but I was over it in 2-3 days. This was unusually quick for me.

Several months after the trial I’m no longer so exhausted wearing the Wellness Frequency, but for me it did take several months.”

Dave K